"Voodoo Lounge" tour 1995

August 22nd 1995
world tour 94/95

World Tour 1994 1995

May 26th Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 27th Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paradiso Club.
show is recorded for the CD
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Gimme Shelter recorded for the CD
"Saint Of Me"
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June 3rd Stockholm, Sweden
June 6th Helsinki, Finland
June 9th Oslo, Norway
June 11th Copenhagen, Denmark
June 13th Nijmegen, Netherlands
June 14th Nijmegen, Netherlands
June 18th Landgraaf, Netherlands
June 20th Cologne, Germany
June 22nd Hannover, Germany
June 24th Werchter, Belgium
June 25th Werchter, Belgium

June 30th Paris, France
July 1st Paris, France
July 3rd Paris, France
Olympia Theatre.
show is recorded for the CD
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July 9th Sheffield, England
July 11th London, England
July 15th London, England
July 16th London, England
July 19th London, England
July 22nd Gijón, Spain
July 24th Lisbon, Portugal
July 27th Montpellier, France
July 29th Basel, Switzerland
July 30th Basel, Switzerland
August 1st Zeltweg, Austria
August 3rd Munich, Germany
August 5th Prague, Czeckoslovakia
August 8th Budapest, Hungary
August 12th Schuttorf, Germany
August 15th Leipzig, Germany
August 17th Berlin, Germany
August 19th Hockenheim, Germany
August 22nd Mannheim, Germany
August 25th Wolfsburg, Germany
August 27th Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
August 29th Rotterdam, Netherlands
August 30th Rotterdam, Netherlands