"Voodoo Lounge" tour 1994

Halloween mask
October 31, 1994
Alameda County Stadium.
Oakland, CA

July 19th Toronto, Ontario
pre-tour show

August 1st Washington, DC
August 3rd Washington, DC
August 6th Birmingham, AL
August 10th Indianapolis. IN

August 12th East Rutherford, NJ
August 14th East Rutherford, NJ
August 15th East Rutherford, NJ
August 17th East Rutherford, NJ
Giants Stadium.
Filmed for the Official Souvenir video
"The Rolling Stones Live"
click here for video

August 19th Toronto, Ontario
August 20th Toronto, Ontario
August 23rd Winnipeg, Manitoba
August 26th Madison, WI
August 28th Cleveland,OH
August 30th Cincinnati, OH
September 4th Foxboro, MS
September 5th Foxboro, MS
September 7th Raleigh, NC
September 9th East Lansing, MI
September 11th Chicago, IL
September 12th Chicago, IL
September 15th Denver, CO
September 18th Columbia, MO
September 22nd Philadelphia, PA
September 23rd Philadelphia, PA
September 25th Columbia, SC
September 27th Memphis, TN
September 29th Pittsburgh, PA
October 1st Ames, IO
October 4th Edmonton, Alberta
October 5th Edmonton, Alberta
October 10th New Orleans, LA
October 14th Las Vegas, NV
October 15th Las Vegas, NV
October 17th San Diego, CA
October 19th Pasadena, CA
October 21st Pasadena, CA
October 23rd Salt Lake City, UT
October 26th Oakland, CA
October 28th Oakland, CA
October 29th Oakland, CA
October 31st Oakland, CA
November 3rd El Paso, TX
November 5th San Antonio, TX
November 11th Little Rock, AR
November 13th Houston, TX
November 15th Atlanta, GA
November 16th Atlanta, GA
November 18th Dallas, TX
November 22nd Tampa, FL

November 25th Miami, FL
Joe Robbie Stadium.
show filmed for the video
"Voodoo Lounge"
click here for video info

November 27th Gainesville, FL
December 1st Pontiac, MI
December 3rd Toronto, Ontario
December 5th Montreal, Quebec
December 6th Montreal, Quebec
December 8th Syracuse, NY
December 11th Minneapolis,MN
December 15th Seattle, WA
December 17th Vancouver, BC
December 18th Vancouver, BC