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This web page is dedicated to all the cats I've had as pets. I got Patch

as a young kid and had her for 17 years (pictured on the left). Patch had many offspring. Micky the black

cat and Foo are two of the kittens that I kept from two separate litters (pictured on the right).

Tigger a Himalayan male born July 27, 1991. A celebrity in his own

right, he was chosen along with 49 other cats to be on the cover of the CD "Alternakitty". A poster

of Tigger also appeared on the TV series "Cold Squad". Tigger was an inspiration to

me along with being a great companion. Tigger passed away April 5th, 2005. I will miss him dearly.
The Little Man
"Alternaktty" CD

Cold Squad poster

This is Jade. I got him from one of my trips to China.

This is Piao Piao. I found her in a trashcan in a park in Hefei, China. Her eyes where still
not completely open so she could not have been more than two weeks old. I spent over a
month bottle feeding her day and night. She now resides with me in Vancouver.

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